Our Brand
Our goal is to collect the best hair on the market. Hair that is full from root to tips, minimal to no tangling, can be colored without being damaged and is bouncy and luxurious. 

*Wave/Curl pattern differs from bundle to bundle.
*Color Dark brown to off black.
*Our Hair is double-wefted and is full from root to tip.
*3.2-3.8oz bundles.
*Minimal to no shedding & slight to no tangling (we do seal the wefts).
*Please note, constant heat and coloring will loosen the curl pattern.

This hair has been noted by customers to last three-plus years with proper care and maintenance.

Our Raw Hair provides the better of two worlds, soft yet strong. Each hair strand is thick, making it a perfect blend for natural hair. You will not have the need to struggle to make it look natural.

Our Raw Hair is distinct, and no two heads of hair are exactly alike. Our pictures are meant to give you a good idea of what our textures look like. When you place an order with us, slight variations between pictures and the hair you receive are possible, the closures and frontals we offer easily blend with various textures. We cannot guarantee color or texture of the hair. This is not avoidable since we only sell unprocessed single donor hair. Our hair is beautiful and unique, just like you!